Chassis #133: 1967 Alfa Romeo GT by Zagato

Screen Shot 06-03-20 at 05.55 PM

There is still the possibility of finding some Junior Zagato to be restored: we no longer believed it possible but it is so.

Screen Shot 06-03-20 at 05.55 PM 001

In this specific case we do not know if we are dealing with a 1300 or a 1600: the seller does not specify it and we are unable to grasp sufficient clues to make this distinction: generally the model can be identified immediately thanks to the difference in the bumpers, but in the ad there are no photos of the car’s nose. By the way, the seller says he does not send further photos and that he does not respond to emails: everything is legitimate even though in this way he will have to answer dozens of calls and hundreds of questions. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $28,000) here in Enna, Italy.


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