Tricolor: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA


The last, but not least, today’s car is the grail of the Alfa cars made in the 60s: it is simply impossible that a fan of classic Italian cars would not want it in his garage.

alfa romeo giulia sprint GTA-30.JPG

This is obviously a Giulia Sprint GTA, the noble sister of the Giulia GT, built to be light, and therefore faster, thanks to the bodywork made of Peraluman 25 and its twin plug engine with more radical specifications than the standard model. When new, this model cost 30% more than the standard version.

alfa romeo giulia sprint GTA-37.JPG

This particular car has specific “Corsa”: it was in fact set up with roll cage and safety systems in order to participate safely in the races: we have doubts that the car was born with these specifications: many in fact they were road cars converted to what they were designed for: the track. The car appears to be in excellent condition and has also been co-starred in a short film made with the participation of Andrea De Adamich, European champion 66-67 driving a GTA. Find it for sale at €300,000 (today $324,000) here in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


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