California (little) dreaming: 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile


This Bianchina painted with a very imaginative combination of colors, is one of the very few present on American territory, and this does not surprise us at all.


Sixty years ago there was in fact no reason why the average American citizen felt the need to buy a car as big as the trunk of a Cadillac 62 Series and as slow as his son’s pedal car: it was also very cheap in terms of fuel consumption but at the time gasoline cost on average $ 0.30 ($ 2.66 in today money) per gallon and as a consequence it was not a problem. The seller of this car says that it has been restored to 90% and that it needs electrical detail but has a new rebuilt engine and gearbox and new interior. All in all it’s not bad, since the interventions on these cars still have a fairly limited economic impact. Find it for sale at $10,000 here in Foster City, CA.


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