Reborn: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ Replica by Greppi


Nowadays it happens more and more often to spot some replicas for sale: as long as the price of the original cars like the TZ are now skyrocketing, the only option for “mortals” is to settle on cars like this TZ replica built by Greppi.


Don’t get us wrong though: this is not a cheap car as it has been built by Greppi coachworks in Colico, Italy, specialized since 30 years ago in building replicas almost indistinguishable from the original cars: space frame chassis, aluminium body and (almost) everything like and where it’s supposed to be.


Of course we don’t expect to see every little bolt just like the original car but what we see is a very nice replica with an aluminium body, plexiglass all around, hood and lid made of fiberglass along with a Giulia Engine and correct 15″ magnesium rims. Whatever will buy this car will benefit by the fact that Greppi is still active and they might provide much more info about this car. The asking price is not published but our reader Richard (thanks for the tip!) says that it’s around €120,000 (today $140,000) and it can be found here in Milano, Italy.


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