Sperimentale: 1964 Abarth Monomille


This Abarth called “Monomille” – the name is for “mono”, that is the single camshaft, and “mille” that is 1,000 c.c. displacement – is said to be an experimental car, and the first owner was Abarth & C.


So the seller says that this car (chassis #335) was built with several special parts: the engine head is said to be one out of two only built, it has a magnesium sump, an Abarth five speed dogbox, Girling disk brakes with twin calipers on the front end and a set of 6.5″ magnesium rims.


Now, Abarth is a world apart: many of these cars were different each other as they were hand built, often upo clients specifications so it’s extremely difficult to trace the history of any give car, unless you study a lot or, a better alternative, you ask an expert (a true one, and they’re few) for an opinion before inspecting the car. In the meantime, find it for sale at €150,000 (today $176,000) here in Spinea, Italy.


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