Funny car: 1961 Porsche 356 T5 Hardtop “Sprint”


This 356 T5 was born as a Karmann Hardtop, so that means that it was basically a Cabriolet with a metal hardtop welded on the body: the actual owner removed it but he didn’t stop here.


Indeed he tried to transform this car in something between a Speedster and a Roadster, removing all the “useless” things: doors are now open shells with fixed plexiglass windows, exterior door handles eliminated, small interior door pulls only. Windshield posts are retained and capped to hold glass in place, center section of glass is open.


Then, a “Sprint” badge on the passenger side of the dashboard which is basically the only factory thing remained from the factory, as the carpets too have been removed. Engine is a rebuilt ’68 replacement case at 1750cc, Mistro cam grind for more low end torque and rated at 85 hp. Rebuilt carbs, 022 distributor, fuel pump and heads. New clutch, balanced pressure plate and throw out bearning. Rebuilt gearbox, all new brakes. Who wants to sprint? Find it for sale at $39,500 here in Spokane, WA.


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