Time capsule: 1961 Maserati 3500 GT by Touring


10,900 kms (6,773 miles) is what can be read on the odometer of this survivor Maserati 3500 GT (fed by carburetors) which is said to be parked since 1966. Not bad at all.



Now, of course, we can’t say if that is the real mileage of this car: if the car has been actually driven for six years only there is a good chance that such mileage is true, anyway what we see is a car which looks exactly as a time capsule is supposed to do, and that’s a great thing to see for every classic cars enthusiast.


Some say that you can’t reproduce patina and hat’s what we see here: this blue on blue maserati has everything in it splace, including the warranty book, plus a lot of stuff stored in the trunk, among which there is still the tool set which, unfortunately, seems to miss some items. Seats leather is dry but seems intact, we guess that with a little effort those seat could look almost new and the paint, as far as we can see, has a beautiful patina too. Find it for sale at CHF 220,000 (today $220,000) here in Trimmis, Switzerland.


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