Hot core: 1955 Fiat 1100 TV Trasformabile


Most of the Fiat Spider type 103 for sale and published (also by us) during the last years belong to the second series, a.k.a 1200 TV, but very few are 1100 TV Trasformabile (spider) like this one.


Actually, even though they may look the same, the two series have many differences which, mostly, reside in the details. Some features of the first series like this car are unique and, back the, expensive so they were eliminated from the 1200 spider: the front bumpers for example have, on this car, a much more complex manufacture; the side indicators mounted on the top of the front fenders are a characteristic of this model only, the headlights are frenched and, most of all, the steering wheel of the first series is almost a work of art.


But this particular car has much more than that: a beautiful color combo, a set of rare 14” Borrani Record wire wheels and an engine which is said to have been tuned by Stanguellini: back then many people let Stanguellini tune their cars engines so probably also this one had the same treatment: what’s sure is that the double carburetor setup was not stock. The asking price is not low but this is a rare car which is restored and, last but not least, is also a potential Mille Miglia entry. Find it for sale at €69,000 (today $78,000) here in Roma, Italy.

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