Close to death: 1956 Porsche 356 A T1 Coupé


This 356 T1 Coupé is a very nice survivor which has been close to death: it survived to a garage fire which has leaved its mark over the body: it could be worse, much worse than that.


However, the good thing is that the fire burned a small area of paint on the rear corner (driver side) and melted one tail light, but that’s all about the damages. The rest of the car is basically intact and shows a very nice patina, with the exception of one rear wheel (passenger side) which has been replaced with a nightmare and the windshield which is cracked.


The seller says that this car has been parked in 1981 and it hasn’t been started since: by the way the enginebay too looks nice even though those air filters look like theones used on the 912: actually the seller doesn’t say that’s a matching numbers car but he doesn’t say the opposite either. Find it for sale at $65,000 here in Anaheim, CA.


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