Flawless grey: 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Not the first facelifted first series Giulietta Sprint we’ve seen, however this (chassis AR1493*03585) is a remarkable example.

First of all for the colour: we could be wrong but it is the “Grigio Chiarissimo” colour, very rare and, in our opinion, very beautiful on the lines of this car. The seller says that the car has been fully restored by stripping it of all its parts (we have no doubts about that), and also has the original jack and tool kit.

Obviously, the engine compartment is also very clean and tidy, with all the hoses held by the correct type of clamps. However, what we liked the most is the interior, restored with the correct cloth (which many people get wrong). The only flaw? Well, the underbody wasn’t originally painted black, which is the only drawback in a seemingly near-perfect restoration. Find it for sale at $96,000 here in Gardena, CA.


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