Winning four: 1963 OSCA 1600 GT by Zagato

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Here we are in the presence of one of the best pieces among the Italian cars of the 60s: an important factory and an equally famous coachbuilder.

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It is worth saying that this is not a car born to have a “civil” use and therefore converted to racing: the OSCA 1600 GT was born with one idea in mind: to go faster than all the opponents of the same category, a goal often achieved thanks to its engine and its light aluminum body.

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We don’t know how many have been built: the fact is that seeing one live is an extremely rare event, especially if a winning specimen like this one, whose history is perfectly known: a couple of first places in its category and several podiums among the 1963 and 1964. The car is said to be a matching numbers specimen, and that’s enough for us. The price? Sorry but you will have to ask the seller for it. Find it for sale here in Isorella, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Winning four: 1963 OSCA 1600 GT by Zagato

  1. I have just sent them an e-mail for price. What a great car. They have a very eclectic collection of new and what the heck cars. Fantastic.


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