Four-wheeled bike: 1969 Honda S800 Cabriolet

$_27 (1)

800 cc, four carburettors, 67 hp at 8,000 rpm: that’s not the synthesis of a motorcycle but of a spider from the 60s.

$_27 (1)

As you can imagine the manufacturer is called Honda and the car model is S800: let’s say that the manufacturer was familiar with motorcycle engines, and designing one for a small sports car would not have been a great effort for them: it is a fact that powerplant is almost unique in the automotive history.

$_27 (2)

The car in which it was installed is also very nice: built in both coupe and convertible versions, it was a very small car (as per Japanese tradition) with a very pleasant line and high-level finishes. The specimen considered here seems to be in good condition, however the photos are few and the seller says it is a barn find that needs restoration: probably it is so but at first glance it certainly does not look like scrap and, above all, you will not find any cheaper around. Find it for sale at €20,999 (today $23,500) here in Pirmasens, Germany.

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