Malibu cruiser: 1969 VW Glitterbug Dune Buggy

The name Malibu derives from the language of the Chumash people who called the place Humaliwo or “the surf sounds loudly”: this car allows you to fully enjoy the sound of the crashing waves.

This car is not a Meyers Manx but one of those produced by a competitor company of the famous manufacturer of gealcoat bodies, Glitterbug. But the beauty of this car is that it appears to be a real time capsule.

The seller says in fact that this car was pulled out of its thirty-year garage rest and that it is completely original (and it shows, we add): the “metalflake” paint is consistent with the period, as well as the lack of chrome, a real rarity is the presence of the hardtop which has a very nice design. The engine is still the 60hp Volkswagen and the tires are those of 30 years ago. We love this car. Find it for sale at $12,000 here in Thousand Oaks, CA.


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