The french italian: 1968 Simca 1200S Coupé by Bertone

Pininfarina is certainly the best known Italian coachbuilder in the world, and certainly not without merit, but in our opinion Bertone was the one who “dared” most of all.

By “daring” we mean that Bertone has always been the one who designed the bodywork with that extra inspiration that you would not expect, with solutions that are often contradictory but certainly not trivial, as he did for this Simca series of which the most powerful and sporty it was the 1200S like this one, which seems to us not in exceptional condition but certainly correct and original.

The light blue color is perfect on this small sports car which also has a very well designed interior: although it is not a Lamborghini, it is clear that nothing has been left to chance. The seller says the car hasn’t been driven for about ten years, it’s all original, no exterior and interior changes. Perfect dashboard with vintage car radio, original wood steering wheel, seats and panels in excellent condition with some scrapes here and there and the “Simca” badge to be replaced. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $19,380) here in Forlì, Italy.


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