Seller submission: 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet Grand Luxe by Pininfarina


C’mon, who didn’t think, watching the car driven by lieutenant Columbo, “Hey but…what the hell is that wreck?” Believe it or not, that car is a sister of the gorgeous car submitted to us by its owner and seller and featured here.



It is called 403 Cabriolet Grand Luxe and in this version it has been built in few more than 2,000 units starting from 1956. It’s equipped with an inline-four, 1468 c.c. engine producing 60 h.p. and capable to push this car up to 86 m.p.h. Said so, what’s important about this car are not the numbers, of course, but its magnificent body designed and built by Pininfarina.


This particular car features a stunning blue/cream color combo and it benefitted by a total, intensive restoration job, clearly visible through more than 550 photos published here. The work performed on this car is, in our opinion, a top notch example: we’ve seen worse jobs made on million dollars cars. However, no one could describe it better than how the owner can, so here there are his words: “It is believed that only 4 cars exist nowadays in USA. Two on the Universal Studios, one in the hands of a private collector in CA and this one that I got it abandoned in Tucson AZ and that was acquired by the seller by previous owners among a 1962 Peugeot 404 cabriolet and one Citroen DS21. Because Peugeot was built in Argentina too, we could find some parts common to the other 403 line to fix on the car. “


“Peugeot built 1,200,000 peugeot 403 combined between sedan, wagon, pick up and they made only 2050 cabriolets with pininfarina design. On this particular year, 1959, exactly the same model that Columbo choose to the television series named “Peugeot 403 Grand de Luxe cabriolet”, 541 cars were built around the world, this is number 473 on that year and I have the certificate of originality from Peugeot France with me. It was a challenge to get this car back on the road, structurally wise, the car stands in a double floor with metal beams along the chassis. That was completely rusted and missing as you can see on the album.”


 “Another genius we have in house is the sheet metal guy, a 70 years old cuban capable to redo an entire car armed with a hammer and a torch. All this craftsmanship together plus my help choosing colors, material for finishing, parts around the world in german, french an spanish language made it possible to have this cars back to life”

This beauty is for sale in Miami, FL. at $140,000.

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12 Responses to Seller submission: 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet Grand Luxe by Pininfarina

  1. jorge tellez says:

    I have one that need to be restored .


  2. Classicvirus says:

    Hi Jorge, will you restore it? What are your projects about the car?


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  4. José Luís Godinho Gomes says:


    I have one also and I am restoring it!!


  5. Classicvirus says:

    Good for you! Do you have a blog where to check the restoration progress?


  6. José Luís Godinho Gomes says:

    I don´t have a blog but i kept alot of pictures, the car isdergoing thes same level of restauration as this one with “columbo” Plats. Albeit mine was in a much better shape.

    Does this car has the maket value that presented here? or this is a over procide?


  7. Classicvirus says:

    This is for sure the more expensive 403 Cabrio seen so far, but on the other side I’ve never seen cars restored at this level. Difficult to say.


  8. JL Gage says:

    I’ll take it !


  9. Axel Sonnet says:

    I also have a 403 cabriolet – 1965 ( with hard top ) to restore, it’s in pretty good shape and i wonder how much can it cost to get almost same result. Is anybody knows a good professional ? ( i’m in France btw )


  10. Classicvirus says:

    It all depends from how the car is now. However, starting from a very good car you can’t spend less than 30k to reach the same result.


  11. Jose Godinho says:

    Hello all

    I would like to publisher some pictures of my Peugeot 403 current repair status
    How can do it here ?


  12. Classicvirus says:

    Send them at classicvirusmail at gmail dot com, a brief history of the restoration would be nice too! Thanks.


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