Black and silver: 1965 Cobra 289 FIA by Kirkham


If we wanted to publish an original Cobra 289 we would not have a hard time finding one, but there would be a lot of trouble finding a buyer who can spend almost a million dollars to buy it.


This is therefore not an original Cobra 289, but the best that can be found apart from the original one, it is handcrafted by Kirkham of Provo, UT, has a hand-built aluminum body and a 289 engine stroked to 347 cubic inches, enough to make this car very entertaining (and very dangerous). All the details are very faithful to the original car.


We really like the “FIA” livery: the naked aluminum of the body perfectly matches the black rims and the Goodyear Eagle “Big Letters” tires, giving a very “racing” look from the 60s. It’s true, it’s not a ‘ car technically built 55 years ago but in fact it is as if it were. Find it for sale at $109,995 here in Calabasas, CA.


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