Red rascal: 1958 Abarth 750 Spyder by Allemano


This Abarth 750 is a little different from others we have published here, not only for the appearance of the nose but also for the underlying technique and its history.


The seller says that this car was sold new in the United States and there its history is unknown until 1969 when it was bought by Paul Swenson, the owner of PBS Engineering in Garden Grove, California, one of the leading FIAT and Abarth tuning in the United States. He has restored and modified the car to make it as we see it now.


Swenson has made several upgrades, including a 1,050 cc Abarth A112 engine (which develops around 90 hp) with an optimized head, a Porsche 915 gearbox, four disc brakes and much more. We are pretty sure that there will be no trace of those 90 hp before 4,000 rpm but, of course, this must be a very fun car. Find it for sale at € 59,900 (today $ 68,000) here in Milan, Italy.


One thought on “Red rascal: 1958 Abarth 750 Spyder by Allemano

  1. It has failed to be sold at Bonhams 2018 Padova auction, although the figure was below market prices for these little Abarth toys. I wonder if this is due to the upgrades made by Mr. Swenson and the resulting ‘clouding’ of the history of this car.


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