The first chapter: 1939 Lancia Aprilia Bilux by Farina

The history of the Lancia could be divided into three major chapters: Refinement, competitions and decline. This Aprilia is definitely part of the first chapter.

In fact, as often happened before the Second World War, a large part of Lancia production was limited to the “bare” chassis which obviously included the engine, transmission and suspension. This chassis was then purchased directly from the coachbuilders who set it up according to their own philosophy according to the tastes or whims of their (wealthy) customers.

This Aprilia was built by Farina coachworks with the bodywork that they called “Bilux”: we do not know exactly what the peculiarities of this type of bodywork were, but we do know that it was also adopted on some Alfa Romeos of the same period. This Aprilia in particular appears to be in very good condition, both internally and externally: it looks like a very clean car, still with its original 82 year old license plate, which needs nothing but run. Find it for sale at €52,000 (today $59,500) here in Montesilvano, Italy.


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