Americana: 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina

We do not know if this Alfa Romeo 2000 sedan has ever been restored, but the impression we get is that of an extraordinary survivor.

The seller says in fact that the car is original and in fact from the point of view of the appearance, with the exception of the Alfa Romeo badge on the front “heart”, it looks practically perfect. The judgment is also supported by the presence of the original tool kit, a real gem for classic car fetishists.

We agree that this model is not (and even at the time, was not) the most loved, especially because of the representative sedan shapes, inspired by the great American sedans of the same period, and the 2000 cc engine which , although upgraded compared to the 1900 version, it did not have enough power to guarantee a snappy drive to this 1400 kg sedan. That said, it remains a beautiful specimen to put in your Alfa collection. Find it for sale a €30,000 (today $36,000) here in Milano, Italy.


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