The runt of the litter: 1968 BMW 1600 Ti


The smallest engine of the BMW E10 family was not only produced in the standard version, but also in a much scarcer configuration which took inspration by the bigger sister: the 1600 Ti.


It can be a usual thing to stumpble upon a 1600 for sale but these, the 1600 Ti, are extremely difficult to be found: 8,670 cars were made from September 1967 to December 1968 but, for whatever reason, very few have survived until now and this beautiful green one is one of those.


Other than having a beautiful color (Agave green?), this is a matching numbers car; on these BMW that’s easy to spot one as the engine number must match the chassis number and so that’s for this car (chassis and engine #1583109), it comes with the original italian black plate and a spare 2002 engine; that’s not bad at all even though it doesn’t come cheap, especially because the carburetor actually installed are not original. Find it for sale at €59,000 (today $67,000) here in Santa Venerina, Italy.


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