“I’ve found the Zero”


“I’ve found the Zero” shouted Count Felice di Tocco to his wife, when he found a Fiat Zero abandoned in the middle of a field. Of course that Zero is still in his collection and there will be for many years to come. This italian grandpa from Florence, is a very early collector: he collected his first car more than sixty years ago and never stopped since. All his cars have one thing in common: they have never been restored; unfortunately that’s a good thing for the cars which were yet driveable when he found them, but other cars sleep undriven since many decades until someone will put them back on the road again. He’s mostly a brass cars enthusiast but he owns also some special peces like a unique coachbuilt Fiat, a special Lancia 234 by Bertone/Revelli de Beaumont, a unique bodied Maserati 150S (actually totally disassembled) and a Stanguellini once used in a circus! This film is three years old but I believe that certain things never get old: with very few exceptions, today finding a classic car is easy, you can find basically everything as that’s all about the money but, before internet came out, you really had to dig to find gold.

This video has ENG subs.


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