World tour: 1967 Puma GT DKW


South America is a place where, especially during the late 60’s, a lot of cars from Europe retired and so, differently from the common sense, it has always been a place full of interesting cars.


Most of those cars coming from Europe are by now returned home, but there are still many interesting cars produced there, like the Puma GT. Puma was founded by gentleman driver Rino Malzoni in 1964 (but in that year the companny was not called Puma) in order to compete with Willys Interlagos cars in local races.


These cars, with exception of the prototype, had a fiberglasss body and were pushed by he three-inline two stroke DKW engine (check the sound here, probably that’s the same car) up to 1967: this particular car is indeed une of the 170 cars equipped with that engine, after all Puma will adopt a VW aircooled engine. Unfortunately the photos provided by the seller are not the best in the world but the car seems very nice though: it is said to have been completely restored and probably it just need to be driven. Find it for sale at €45,000 (today $51,400) here in Curitiba, Brasil.


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