Proper restoration: 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV


The seller – and owner – of this Alfa Romeo GTV is a known member other than being the owner of several Alfa, so be sure that he knows what he has done on this car.


Indeed this car has been fully restored after a long process detailed here and you can see that everything that should be done during a restoration process has been done: sure, it doesn’t seem a world class restoration but the metal work alone done on this car is worth the asking price.


In the restoration thread the owner said that he would have used a spare engine so we don’t know if the one used for this car is the original unit (we hadn’t enough time to read the whole thread but a potential buyer should do it), sure it that the engineis now fed by Webers instead of the Spica and that it is shiny, the engine bay clean and the good news is that the car s also eqipped with air conditioning. Find it for sale at $25,000 here in Henderson, TX.


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