Restoration package: 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


This early 2600 Sprint is a barn find which, as you easily can see, needs a total restoration, however the seller says that, despite its look, the car is solid underneath.


Floors are indeed the are which mostly worries every guy which has to decide if joining a restoration trip or search for another car, and having a solid car makes a lot of difference (I can confirm that) in terms of money needed for the job. Metal work alone drains half of a restoration budget and two thirds of the time so it’s extremely important to start from a solid car.


And that’s even more important for a 2600 Sprint: differently from the Alfa 750, 101 or 105 series, you can’t body spare parts for this model as well as many interior parts: the first requirement to start a restoration of a 2600 Sprint is that the car must be as complete as possible otherwise you’ll face several issue. Many of the parts of the car are stored in the trunk while interiors seems almost complete as well as the engine bay so, with much attention, it can be a nice project. Find it for sale at $8,500 (o.b.o.) here in Hamburg, PA.


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