The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: 1975 Fiat 128 Sport Coupé


We know that such poetic verse could be a bit too stretched to be used for a car but, what we have realized in many years is that, even the “humblest” classic car could astonish you if it’s properly set up and if your mind is not biased by concepts like “value”.


This Fiat 128 Sport Coupé will probably never be accepted to a top end elegance concours but it’s anyway the nicest one we’ve ever seen and, believe it or not, nowadays it’s a rare car. This particular car features a beautiful pale yellow paint mated with a black interior and four period correct mag wheels.


It also carries its original black plates and wherever you see it looks immaculate: the engine is not a powerhouse but this car was not built for racing and it’s way enough compared to the weight of this coupé. If you add that the asking price is the same of a very good paint job alone, you don’t need more than that to love it. Find it for sale at €5,800 (today $8,000) here in Sesto Calende, Italy.


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