Two for two: 1953 Moretti 750 Twin Cam Engine

Not only classic cars but also “classic parts” are of our interest. Obviously, these must be very rare and highly requested parts. We also add that in this period there is a real shortage of interesting classic cars for sale.

The part in question today is an entire Moretti 750 twin cam engine, including carburetors and exhaust manifold: a real pearl since very few of these engines were built and most are still installed in the cars for which they were designed.

We are pretty sure we saw the same engine on sale in Italy a few years ago: given the rarity, this could be the same engine but we are not sure: what matters is that it could be years before seeing the same on the market again (or a similar one). The price? It is not published but we believe that anyone interested in this piece already knows what it is going to face. Find it for sale here in Brookfield, CT.


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