Golden hour: 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

We know very well that this is not a “precious” Sprint Veloce first series, however it is still a special car and no less rare than the first.

This is because rather than opting for the small – although performing – 1300 cc, customers turned to the Giulia which, having the 1600 cc engine, had more torque at low revs and consequently did not have to be driven like a stolen car.

this car in particular is said to be in “super” condition: of course, externally it looks beautiful even if it seems to us that the color is not among those originally available to customers. The bumpers are not mounted on the car (perhaps to give it the “racing” look) and unfortunately there are only photos of the exterior, it is still worth investigating. Find it for sale at €54,000 (today $64,000) here in Reims, France.


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