Robergel wheels: 1956 Simca Week-End


One of the best cars made in France after the WWII is the Simca Week-End, the cabriolet version of the Coupé de Ville. Both were one segment upper than their cousins, the Aronde series.


Also this Simca was built by facel coachworks, this means that there is some aluminium somewhere: in this case we’re talking about doors, bonnet and boot lid. We’ve found some information about this particular car: it was born in silver and it was restored between 2010 and 2011.


We’ve found other photos of 2010 which are the same ones published on the ad, so we are not sure if those on the ad are the photos of the car after the restoration: for sure in some you can’t spot the red interior, while the photo of the seats show an immaculate interior. Find it for sale at €19,500 (today $21,500) here in Limoges, France.

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