Gap filler: 1976 Lamborghini Urraco P300


The seller says that this car is perfect to fill a gap in any Lamborghini collection and indeed the most powerful model of the Urraco breed won’t disappoint anyone, with or without a Lamborghini – or whatever – collection.


205 of these cars have been built in a period across the worst oil crisis ever: these cars were not fashionable anymore and only few, stubborn car nuts (equipped with a tick wallet) bought cars like this one in those obscure years. One of them was american and the car, f course, has U.S. specs: side markers, big bumpers and miles-per-hour speedometer so that simply means that this car was sold new in the U.S.A: that could be not very attractive for many as some D.O.T. approved equipment somehow bias the original design purity.


This car though, has some other thing which puzzle us a bit: the front spoiler and the rear lid “lip” were not actually stock so we wonder if they were some hand-made modification or just come from a custom order to the factory. Apart from that, the paint has some issues but interiors seem to be in nice conditions: the odometer reports 25k miles but those are not certified. Find it for sale here in Brooklyn, NY, with bidding at $25,000 and reserve not met.


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