Confiscated: 1966 Alfa Romeo TZ2 replica


March 28, 2018, update: The car has been sold at €89,000 (today $110,000) including fees and taxes.

February 6, 2018

This is not a real TZ2 and it’s not for sale on a usual portal: indeed it has been confiscated by the Italian tax department and now it has been advertised on a foreclosure sale website.


There is basically no description of the car: the chassis plate says “Propheta TZ2 Replica” chassis #001, we guess that it is the first attempt of a small shop to build a little series of these cars: we don’t know nothing else apart from what we can see.


We actually see a car which seems very well made: of course we don’t know anything about the chassis or the engine which, at least, is a twin spark unit; that means that in the head of the builder this was supposed to be a very detailed replica, not just a TZ2 body and an Alfa Nord engine. Everything seems then well made and quite similar to the original car: this must absolutely be inspected in person. Find it for sale here in Firenze, Italy, with a initial offer of €53,192 (today $66,280).


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