Nazi past: 1944 Volkswagen Typ 82E


The WWII period Beetles are actually the Holy Grail for every Volkswagen collector: this one (chassis #033588) not only belongs to that period, it is actually said to have been delivered new to the staff of Hermann Goering, probably the most powerful person in Germany after Hitler himself.


The seller says that the story of this car is clear and that is well documented by the Volkswagen Museum which says that the car was delivered to Goering’s staff office: we used to know that the cars delivered to the high-ranked officials were special built 4wd units: anyone knows more about that?


Whatever, the car has been in France with the same owner after the war up to 1991 when he passed away: a french colletor then bought it at an auction and kept the car up to 2002 when it anded in the U.S.A: now it’s the first one that it’s for sale since then. The chassis is solid and the car has matching numbers and it’s mostly original: all this history doesn’t come cheap. Find it for sale at $550,000 here in Temecula, CA.

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