Barely driven: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce


We’ve spotted this Veloce on ebay more than one week ago but we decided not to publish it as the asking price seemed out of this world, however we’re here also to track these cars so here it is.


The funny world of classic cars often surprises us, but just when you think to have seen almost everything, here is a car restored 40 years ago and driven only 120 miles since. We don’t know the reason of this tiny mileage but we actually believe that the car has been restored.


The numbers of this car are: chassis #390806, engine #121*02432; those are good numbers indeed as these are the correct one for the rarest in the Giulia/Giuletta breed. It looks nicely restored even though the photos could be better, the only minor flaw are the seats upholstered with the red piping: this detail is not correct for a type 101 (or lwb). The interiors are enriched by a beautiful aftermarket (but period correct) steering wheel. Find it for sale at $194,000 here in Sumas, WA.


3 thoughts on “Barely driven: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

  1. This car is NOT a 1964 model. The 1964 cars ended at 390290. I notified the seller with solid information the car is a1965 with either a Jule or July production. There will be some sorting out to put this car on the road but the car is all there. Make the guy an offer and who knows, you could wind up with a rare Giulia Spider Veloce in your garage.


  2. That is true. Consider how rare these cars are and how many even come on the market. There are 3-5 Sprint Speciale on the market at any one time and they ask for $125K and up. There are fewer Giulia Veloce’s as survivors, very few for sale and they should be bringing as much as any SS, if not more.


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