Pre-turbo: 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta

Well, let’s make it clear that in the case of this Alfetta GTV we have two possible options: either the year is wrong or this GTV is not one of the 400 or so cars built in Arese.

In fact, all the available documentation says that the first GTV Tutbodelta was built in 1979, while the seller says that this car is from 1975 and, in addition to this, there are also other elements that leave us perplexed: first of all the front hood with that huge bulb / air intake, and then the anchoring of the panels on the rear fenders which should have the inscription “Turbodelta” engraved.

Yet the engine compartment features an engine powered by a turbocharger whose appearance also seems quite stock: we assume that this car was born as a normal GTV to which the engine was then replaced with a unit derived from an Alfetta GTV or a Giulietta. Turbodelta, however, the truth can only be known by seeing the car in person. Find it for sale at €34,900 (today $41,200) here in Ripalimosani, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Pre-turbo: 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta

  1. Yes, the GTV Turbodelta official production and sales started in 1979, but in 1978 the Autodelta Team “prepared” a bunch of Alfetta 2000 Sedan with that engine.
    I know for sure of three of them, all 2000 L version, that with rectangular headlights: one sold to Niky Lauda who destroyed it soon after, one to the milanese Dutch consul, I presume pastel blue, and one, black, sold to my Father, who was good friend of Teodoro Zeccoli, at that time one of Autodelta chief test drivers. Someone says a dozen of these peppered Sedans had been prepared, probably there was also an armoured bullet-proof version, someone else talks about a 2000 Spider made on purpose for Arturo Merzario. The main differences where a couple of vent grilles on the bonnet, such as those later adopted on GTV Turbodelta, a turbine pressure gauge (“our” was in the place of the clock), 195/70/14 Pirelli P6 tyres (what else?) where considered enough, “tulip” valves, reduced compression ratio and a blowed carburettors system fed by a KKK with a problematic waste gate valve, and without intercooler, that arrived the year after. The result was 175 hp, but the owner could increase the pressure at his own risk operating on the waste gate and on the distributor advance timing. I could not say if Autodelta prepared also some GTV for tests before standard production, could really be, but for sure those prototypes did not go around with the rainbow lateral sticker or that dragster style bonnet… the best way to be stopped by any Polizia Stradale patrol!
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)

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  2. direi che questa autovettura base alfetta gt 1,8, è a tutti gli effetti l unico prototipo rimasto in vita e circolante
    prodotto direttamente nelle officine dell autodelta di settimo milanese che nel 76 quando hanno voluto provare e collaudare il turbo per le prossime competizioni,tanto è vero omologata sul liretto motore AR turbo Autodelta
    anche se la base è un 1.8 gt prima serie, questo la rende unica e pietra miliare degli studi dell’Autodelta , ritengo di valore collezionistico molto alto ed importante


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