Aircooled turbo: 1970 Sterling Nova


The kit car era leaved to us another relic of those glorious times: this is the time of the Sterling Nova which came to us from the seventies.


For sure you’ve already seen this car with other badges on it, and that’s simply because the body was developed by Automotive Design and Development Ltd which was a british company which designed the whole package: a fiberglass body characterized by an opening canopy that combined roof and doors into one, bolted to a VW Beetle chassis. ADD licensed many companies around the world to use their kit and, of course, every company licensed to produce these cars added its own touch.


This specimen is said to be the #85 produced by Sterling and, differently by the majority of these cars, it is equipped with a Chevrolet Corvair engine: we don’t know if that was a factory installed engine or just a swap by a past owner, the fact remains that is an interesting bundle as a Corvair Engine is a turbocharged flat six engine rated at 150 HP (at least), so it would be interesting to feel how good it fits this car. The seller says only that the car has no dents and that’s complete. Find it for sale at $4,800 here in Grass Valley, CA.


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