Welder needed: 1968 Alfa Romeo GT Junior


This 1968 GT Junior is standing on jacks like a modern artwork: it’s a ctually a fromer running car which now needs a lot of work to become again a proper car.

s-l1600 (4)

It’s a specimen which had several interventions during the past years: the actual engine is a SPICA injected 1750 cc but it still has its 1300 original engine: both need to be rebuilt but at least a spare engine is never a bad thing. Problems rise with the body which is rusted basically everywhere and that means hundreds of man-hours of skilled metal job.

s-l1600 (3)

It still has its original flat dashboard but the panels come from a GTV 2000; the seats are not original but in this case this is a good thing: they come from a 1968/69 1750 GTV and they’re actually the most beautiful seats made by Alfa Romeo on a production car; they’re indeed rare and valuable and so they absolutely must be preserved by the future owner. Find it for sale here in Scarborough, Canada, with an initial bid of $2,000 and no reserve price.


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