V12 roots: 1942 Lincoln Zephyr 3 Window Coupé


It is said that only 5 of these cars produced in 1942 still survive: we do not know if this is correct but even if the real number was ten times higher, it would still be a super rare car.


In addition to being very beautiful, this car is powered by a flathead V12 engine: when you read this abbreviation, the mind immediately associates it with the Ferrari engine, but not many know that the first v12 engines were adopted by Packard with the Double- model. Six of 1915: Enzo Ferrari was inspired by this engine, after having taken a ride aboard the Packard of his friend Maria Antonietta Avanzo – Italy’s first racer woman – owner of the only (most likely) Packard in Italy at that time.


This car in particular seems in almost perfect condition: we do not know all the details of this model but everything seems in its place starting from the interior characterized by the magnificent tools with Decò graphics and the velvet upholstery. We would have liked to see reeds of the photos of the engine compartment and underbody, but we doubt that this car can reserve bad surprises. Find it for sale a $85,000 here in Putnam Valley, NY.


2 thoughts on “V12 roots: 1942 Lincoln Zephyr 3 Window Coupé

  1. My ex boss is a Lincoln enthusiast, and I had the opportunity to be around those cars for a while. The Flathead V12 is a very sensitive engine to tune, it has two point breakers, one for each 6 cylinder bank.


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