Graduate from the 80’s: 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto


We know more or less everything about this Duetto: the seller was clear about his conditions, but there is one thing – not a detail – that we have not understood.


What is not clear (perhaps because it escaped us both in the auction and in the video published by the seller) is the engine capacity: we believe that this Duetto, parked since 1985 and recovered a few weeks ago, is a 1600 or 1750, but between the two displacements there is a significant difference in value since the latter is rarer.


Having said that, the car is in good condition to be a specimen that has never received a restoration: it was probably repainted over 35 years ago but apart from that it looks like a “sincere” car. There are some things to do (the floors seem to need some care), and some missing details, but basically it looks like a good car. Find it for sale here in Edmonton, Canada, with bidding at CAD 19,100 and reserve met.


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