Who’s who: 1958 Abarth 750 Spyder by Zagato


And here comes another special car based on the Fiat 600, this time with an open body made by Zagato.


In fact we have seen cars similar to this one, but they had the bodywork built by Allemano and they are quite well known as several dozen have been produced: this car instead seems to be the prototype of a lot of three cars, and it seems that this was exhibited at the Turin Motor Show in 1958.


So: the car is certainly interesting as well as being very particular for its details, starting from the front bumperettes with a particular triangular shape, it is a car whose history is worthy of study because we have read too many  “it seems” or “probably” around; certainly a nice photo of the time of the presentation would not hurt. The car is a private sale of the Italian Finarte Auctions: find it for sale at € 75,000 (today $ 81,000) here in Milan, Italy.


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