Meep Meep: 1956 Mochet Type CM Grand Luxe


To be honest, we never heard of Mochet microcars (or cycle-cars) so far but what we see here is quite intriguing. The factory was established soon after WWI but the began to produce this car only in 1953. It has a two-stroke, single cylinder engine with a displacement of 125 c.c. which can push this toy up to 35 m.p.h.


The seller says that the overal status of the car is excellent: glasses, body, interiors and engine. Actually what we can see in photo matches the description. This car is said to have 6 volt electrics and a three speed gearbox.


The most fascinating feature is clearly the soft top which is said to be in very good conditions and that it needs only two bolts to be removed in order to be opened. Must say that the rear view of the car reminds the Citroen 2CV. Quite interesting car at all which can be found here in Granite Falls, WA, with bidding at $1,576 and reserve not met.


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