Italia’s big sister: 1965 Maserati Sebring II by Vignale


The Maserati Sebring shape has a clear kindred with another car designed by Michelotti and built by Vignale: the Italia 2000. The proportions are quite the same along with some peculiar detail like the sloping roof and the protruding radiator grille shape.


Apart from such elements, the Sebring is pushed, in this case, by a mighty inline-six 3.7 liters engine, fed by the infamous Lucas fuel injection. This particular car has a beautiful color and is said to have been sold new in Italy to an U.S. serviceman, went to U.S. and then came back to Europe.


The seller says that, despite the car needs a full restoration, it has only superficial rust and it’s basically a solid car. What we can see from the photos is indeed a very good candidate for a restoration; the only doubt we have is that, knowing how high could be the cost of restoring a classic Maserati (think at the Borrani rims alone), maybe the starting point is a bit too high. Find it for sale at £48,000 (today $77,000) here in Southampton, UK.

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