The experiment: 1949 Fiat/Lancia Barchetta by De Luca


Update, September 27: It seems that the car has been sold.

Once we wrote that the classic car world never gets you bored as very often your certainties are questioned: this is another example. Actually this car was built by a gentleman driver, Luciano De Luca, puttin’ toghether a Fiat 509 chassis with a narrow V4 Lancia Ardea engine.


The seller says also that the front end was designed by De Luca himself, who decided also to bore the V4 increasing the displacement to 1000 c.c. This bore increase, along with the adoption of a couple of down-draft Weber carburetors, are said to have increased the power output to 50 h.p. A nice touch is the dog (?) on the top of the radiator grille.


This car is said to have had a major restoration in 2000, the original black plate (as it’s clearly visible from the period photo) and the original seat used by De Luca during the 1950 Giro Di Calabria. Definitely a special piece for an expert (and, why not, wealthy) collector. Find it for sale at €110,000 (today $149,000) here in an unspecified town, Italy.

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