Automotive archeology: 1932 Ford Three Windows Coupé


This 1932 three windows is said to be and original hot-rod which survived to the last sixty years. And we believe that’s the truth otherwise we should never make an article as we can’t stand fake hot rods. Indeed the seller has published a lot of period photo to bear witness about it: since then the car has been slightly chopped but it’s not much changed.


The seller says also that this car was profiled by author and historian Ken Gross in a Rodder’s Journal feature article titled “The Philadelphia Story”. It chronicled the cars history beginning in 1947 when it was first “hot rodded” by a then 16 year old William Kelly of Warminster, PA.


The best parts of the car are the 331 c.i. Cadillac engine fed by six stromberg carburetors and the classic tuck-and-roll interiors which, must say, is barely portraied inside the ad: we are curious to see the dashboard of this magnificent hot-rod which has been between the hands of the last owner for nearly 20 years. The asking price is high but if you are an hot-rod enthusiast collector, this is the car to have. Find it for sale at $72,500 o.b.o. here in an unspecified area, NJ.

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