Special brakes: 1958 Porsche 356 A Speedster


We are often puzzled by how wide can be the price difference of these cars: of course conditions matter as well as the originality and the numbers of the car, but you can easily find the same kind of car for sale with a price difference of $50-100k with no apparent reason.


This particular car is not a matching numbers vehicle (chassis #84076) but, on the other side, has some benefits: first of all the Carrera disk brakes, also called “annular”, which are not a replica but come from an actual four cams car; improved braking power and very valuable.


Then, the car has basically no rust other than having – the seller says – excellent body gaps. It is said to have been stored for 40 years (the age of the actual red paint) in a garage in Topanga Canyon (CA) by the same owner since 1972. Before that, the car was raced in some Southern California events and maybe for that reason the engine was replaced with a 1961 S75 unit, the transmission is original though. Find it for sale at $257,995 here in Pleasanton, CA.


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