Rusty green: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof

There are not anymore. There are no more of these particular Mustangs to restore, which is why this example commands a lot of attention, as 143 people are following this auction.

Ten years ago the seller would have jumped for joy if he had sold this car for half the price it is at now, today however the reserve price has not yet been met, and we expect it to be double the current offer ( $11,000). This happens because by now the prices of Mustangs, in particular if Mach 1 and with manual transmission, are more and more regularly reaching the threshold of six digits (often exceeding it) if the car has been fully, and correctly, restored.

So this car is an excellent opportunity for those who do not have large sums to shell out in one go: it has a particular combination of colors with a Medium Lime exterior and Ivy Green Corinthian Vinyl interior, the four-speed gearbox, the Factory installed tachometer, a set of Cragar wheels and all things in the right place. However, the car has to be taken apart piece by piece, put on a rotisserie to fix the floors as well as all the remaining parts, this is indeed a big and expensive job that can easily run into six figures. Do your math. Find it for sale here in York, PA, with bidding at $11,000 and reserve not met.


2 thoughts on “Rusty green: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof

  1. This car needs to be carefully inspected while on a lift to check for body corrosion. This car has what appears to be severe rust in the cowl, and repairing a rusty cowl can be a major [and expensive] endeavor. My restoration shop restored multiple Mustangs over the last 40 years, and our experience suggests that major cowl rot is often indicative of severe floor and frame rust as well.


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