Mobile cinema: 1962 Lancia Jolly


We rarely see for sale a Lancia Jolly, the van built by Lancia in the 50s and 60s, and seeing one set up like this is a unique event.


Given that we did not even know the possibility of a van being set up in this way, we believe the idea to be very valid, at least 50 and 60 years ago when television was not such a widespread appliance and the cinema rarely went, at least in Italy of those years.



We do not know how many of these Lancia vans have been set up this way but we believe that, if not exactly in the presence of a single specimen, probably the vans set up like this can be counted on the fingers of one hand, even considering the excellent condition in which it is found. The seller says that in addition to the projector there is also the screen: probably if you learn to use the projector you may surprise many people. Find it for sale at €38,000 (today $42,000) here in Carcare, Italy.


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