One family car: 1958 Karmann Ghia Coupé


This lowlight Karmann Ghia is said to be a one family car since new, and indeed it looks like an untouched specimen, including the period tires, the black CA plate and the original dealer plate frame.


The seller has provided a very detailed description, partitioned in chapters for every area of the car. It comes out that the original engine is no more with the car: the engine now installed is the third one as the previous engine “…sounded like a skeleton playing the drums in a biscuit tin”. This unit indeed is said to run very good.


The body is good even if it needs some patches here and there: of course it is the least work required for an original 56 years old car and retriving the correct spare parts is an easy job. Seats looks like they have been victims of mice, otherwise the metal dashboard is very good. The seller says that this car has been overhauled also with replaced brakes, brake hoses, cylinders and a electrics. Find it for sale at £14,500 (today $24,700) here in Whalley, UK.


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