Longboard not included: 1970 Fiat 850 Shellette

In last week’s article on the Fiat 500 Albarella we mentioned the connection between the concept of yacht and car which led to the creation of that particular line of cars generically called “Spiaggina” (beach car). In this case this connection is even closer.

In fact, this car is called the “Shellette” from the name of one of the two designers: one is Michelotti – who needs no introduction – the other is Phillip Schell who actually commissioned michelotti to design this reading based on the Fiat 850 coupé: we don’t know what, specifically, they both did but we can assume that the “nautical” details such as the wood on the sills are the work of the yacht designer.

Obviously this car turns heads but, in particular, it is the interior that amazes even more: in this case, in fact, not only are the seats made of woven wicker but also the dashboard, something never seen before. The seller says around 80 of these were made, we don’t know if this number is correct as it seems overly optimistic to us. That said, the car appears to be in very good condition and, having probably lived much of its time in California, should have no nasty surprises hidden away. Find it for sale at $45,000 here in Laguna Beach, CA.


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