Fallen God: 1963 Apollo 5000 GT

The idea of the Apollo was born from the desire of Milt Brown, a young Californian engineer, to create an American response to the European GTs such as the Ferrari berlinettas and the Aston Martin. In his search for a coachbuilder, in 1960 he met Frank Reisner, a Hungarian transplanted to America who had founded Intermeccanica in Turin the previous year.

The definitive version of the product of the minds of the two characters was a fastback or convertible, with an aluminum bodywork produced in Italy, with typically European lines, but powered by large 3.5 or 5 liter V8 engines supplied by Buick. The car began priced at $6,000, a hefty amount since it was equivalent to the price of a fully equipped Cadillac, yet a good deal considering that in 1963 a Ferrari cost more than twice as much.

This Apollo in particular was certainly beautiful once, but now it needs a lot of resources to return to its former glory, not so much because it is ruined or rusty as for the fact that unfortunately many parts are missing, and it is not even known which ones are, our impression is that, in fact, there is only the body and little else and yet the car is already beautiful. Find it for sale at $25,000 here in Lancaster, CA.


One thought on “Fallen God: 1963 Apollo 5000 GT

  1. According to multiple commenters on BarnFinds.com, this car has been listed in several locations of Craigslist, yet each time someone messages the Craigslist poster, they say he never replies. Not long after, the posts are deleted. This post has also been deleted. It has been suggested these ads are from a scammer, or perhaps the car has been sold several times, but each time the sale did not go thru.
    There are too many warning signs here, the general opinion on BarnFinds.com is anyone finding additional offers of this car should actually see the car in person before sending any money.


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