Spring break: 1968 Fiat 500F Albarella by Savio

We owe an apology to Federico, our reader who reported this splendid specimen to us ten days ago: unfortunately we missed his email and only noticed it yesterday. We still try to make up for lost time.

The car in question is a fantastic and very rare Fiat 500F transformed into a “Spiaggina”, i.e. part of that vein born at the end of the 50s in which Italy, in full economic boom, also became a tourist destination for VIPs from all over the world. world. Many of them, in addition to the yacht with which they arrived in Italian ports, also wanted an agile and light vehicle to move around on land, and this vehicle obviously could not be common: Ghia began to produce vehicles of this type, full open and with an interior made of wicker woven by skilled craftsmen, after which others joined the game such as, in this case, Savio.

The car shown here has been fully restored. It was owned by the owner of the “Bussola”, the most famous Tuscan club on the Italian west coast where singers of international caliber performed. Obviously the most jaw dropping part is the interior, restored by one of the very few craftsmen who now weave wicker, a real masterpiece. Find it for sale here in Quarrata, Italy, with bidding at €35,000 (today $38,000) and no reserve price.


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