White sleeper: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super

Alfa Romeo, before deciding to produce the Giulia TI Super, was at the top of the Touring category of racing but, given the competition from foreign sedans, it could not remain indifferent.

Thus the TI Super (type 105.16) was born in 501 specimens sold at a price 60% higher than the Giulia TI (and despite this, Alfa Romeo sold it almost at a loss). The Super featured a more powerful engine fed by the same 45DCOE14 Weber carburettors that powered the Giulia GTA. However, much of the work was concentrated on making the car lighter: lighter dashboard and seats, aluminum doors and bonnet and Campagnolo magnesium rims.

The color of this particular TI Super is white like the other 499 specimens: in fact, only one is Grigio Fumo Di Londra (dark grey) owned by an Italian collector. The seller says that the car has been completely restored and that the history of the car is known since new. Find it for sale at €175,000 (today $189,000) here in Roma, Italy.


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